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Wire accessories

Brand: lelewo Model: XY2240
Adapter wire for smart APP Bluetooth hostOutput hole: MIC5P conversion DC2.5 interface output.color: WhiteMaterial: ABSSize: 180mmWeight: 13g/0.03lbs/0.46ozConfiguration: MIC5P to DC2.5 line*1Packing: None..
Brand: lelewo Model: XY2374
The dual-control host accessory adapter cable, the safety port is converted into a DC2.5 port.Output hole type: safety output port*1/DC2.5*2Colour: Blackmaterial: metalLength: 160mmWeight: 13g/0.03lbs/0.46ozConfiguration: safety to DC2.5 adapter cable *1Packing: None..
Brand: lelewo Model: XY2369
Name: Safety standard mouth 2 buckle line (XY2369)Double-control host accessories, safety port 1 drag 2 buckle line.Output hole type: safety output port*1/button*2Colour: Blackmaterial: metalLength: 1200mmWeight: 19g/0.04lbs/0.67ozConfiguration: 1 support 2 buckle line *1Packing: None..
Brand: lelewo Model: XY2373
Name: Safety-regulated 2-head needle thread (XY2373)Double control host accessories, safety port 1 drag 2 needle threadOutput hole type: safety output port*1/pin*2Colour: Blackmaterial: metalLength: 1200mmWeight: 17g/0.04lbs/0.67ozConfiguration: 1 support 2 needle thread *1Packing: None..
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