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Delivery Information

We provide a variety of different delivery options for you to choose from. You can choose the method that is the most suitable for the delivery of your order.

Total Delivery Times is Processing Time + Shipping time, tracking number will be provided . 
The following is a list of international shipping companies and the services they offer on available on our website:

Express Shipping

 DHL: The Shipping Time is 3-7 Work Days

 UPS: The Shipping Time is 3-7 Work Days

 TNT: The Shipping Time is 3-7 Work Days

 FEDEX: The Shipping Time is 3-7 Work Days

EMS: The Shipping Time is 4-10 Work Days

*Note: Due to the customs clearance time, the shipping time may extended. 

Super Saver Shipping

China Post: Estimated Shipping Time: 10-30 business days

Package Weight Limit: 2 kilograms
*Note: Due to longer customs clearance times, Standard Shipping times have been extended to 15-60 days for Brazil and 10-40 days for all other destinations in Latin America.

Sea Shipping

 Sea Shipping: The Shipping Time is 30-60 Work Days

*Note: For Sea Shipping, Your package deliver to your nearest sea port, not door to door shipping, you need clearance it from there and take it. It didn't have tracking number, after deliver, we will offer B/L to you.

Store Pick Up

Deliver to China address

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